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This 1 minute portrait is about the stuttering of my friend David Stevens, the dread for producing sound and his struggle concerning that. Made from the desire to visualize in a clear and concise manner the inner world of a stutterer.

‘Best Filminute 2013′ awarded by Jury. 

Production: David Stevens
Sounddesign: Thomas Gebben

Press release:

London/Bucharest/Toronto, October 9, 2013
– The 8th Filminute festival has wrapped with the international jury awarding Best Filminute honours to Dutch filmmaker David Stevens for his very original and highly engaging documentary M-22 which takes an unexpected approach to a common but relatively unexplored speech disorder.
Reflecting on the award, Filminute’s executive director and jury chief John Ketchum was pleased to see such an original, powerful and insightful film affect so many jury members. “Once again we see that it’s the quality of the narrative and execution that matters. Done brilliantly, as M-22 is, the impact is truly great and resonates far beyond the 60-second limit. This film will change the way people view this adversity worldwide and that’s quite an accomplishment.”